Enroll in Duo From Your Android Mobile Device


 Duo's 2FA program integrates an additional level of security of your UCO accounts by requiring an additional level of authentication beyond your username and password. The Duo Mobile app is a free smartphone and tablet application that syncs with your UCO two-factor authentication (2FA) account to complete the authentication process.    The program provides you with a secondary means of confirming your identity via mobile device, tablet, landline phone or an authentication token, which you will use every time that you sign into any of the services accessed through UCO's single sign-on (SSO).


  • Provides Faculty and Staff with a secondary means of confirming your identity.
  • The additional layer of security provides valuable protection to your account and personal information.  Even if your password is compromised, no one will be able to access your account without also having your secondary authentication.
  • 2FA protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.
  • Duo's 2FA solution only requires your users to carry one device - their smartphone, with the Duo Mobile App installed on it.  Duo Mobile is available for both iPhones and Android, as well as wearables like Apple Watch.
  • Minimum Android operating system information available at the DUO website.


  1. Click on the Duo enrollment email that was sent to your .uco.edu account and click on the hyperlink below "To begin, click this link to enroll a phone, a tablet or other device:"

  1. You will get a Account Setup Prompt screen, click Start setup

  1. Select which device you will be using for setup, recommened you use your primary mobile device, and click Continue

  1. Enter your phone number and check the checkbox next to You entered (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Is this the correct number? and hit Continue.

  1. Select GET IT ON Google Play for Duo Mobile app for Android.  

  1. Install Duo app for mobile for Duo Mobile app for Android.

  1. Once install press the ◂back button in the bottom left hand corner to go back to the Duo enrollment screen.


  1. Select I have Duo Mobile installed button.

  1. Select Take me to Duo Mobile.

  1. Duo Moible will launch and you will see a "Addding account" prompt.

  1. You will see the UCO™ trademark symbol followed by DUO-PROTECTED, Univeristy of Central OK, then press the ◂back button in the bottom left corner to return to the Duo enrollment screen.

  1. On the Finish by Connecting to Duo Mobile screen press Continue.

  1. Verify the information is correct and select Automatically send this device a Duo Push in the drop down box, the click Finish Enrollment. You may have to scroll up on screen view to see the Finish Enrollment button at the bottom.

  1. Congratulations! You are now enrolled in Duo 2FA!  Now press the back button in the bottom left corner to start a verification check.

  1. Defualt device screen will appear, select the Finish Enrollment button again.

  1. The UCO authenication screen will appear, press Send me a Push button.

  1. A push notification from Duo will display on the screen, launch the Duo Mobile app to approve by pressing the ● home button on the bottom bezel of your phone and naviagting to the Duo Moible App.

  1. Once in the Duo Mobile App tap on the green "Request waiting. Tap to respond..." notification on th top.

  1. Select the green ✓ Approve box to authenicate your 2FA session

  1. After pressing ✓ APPROVE check box you will get an Approved! pop up screen letting you know your authenication push was sucessful.

  1. Congratulations, you are now ready to use Duo Mobile for 2FA! 




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