Reporting Suspicious E-Mails

What Is A Legitimate E-Mail?

  • If you know the sender and you're expecting the message, or if you receive a message that's mistakenly marked as junk, you can use the Report Message add-in to mark it as a legitimate email by selecting ‘Not Junk’ and that will move the message to your Inbox and report the false positive to help the Information Technology department improve the spam filters.

What Is Junk Mail?

  • Junk email messages are typically referred to as spam. These are messages that you don't want to receive that may be advertising products you don't use or find offensive. If you choose the Junk option, you can report it as ‘Junk’ and it will automatically moved to your Junk e-mail folder and a copy of the e-mail is sent to the Information Technology department with the information necessary to research and remedy the issue.  

What Is Phishing?

  • Phishing is the practice of luring you into disclosing personal information, such as bank account numbers and passwords. Phishing emails often look legitimate but have deceptive links that actually open fake websites. If you select Phishing, a copy of your message will automatically be moved to your Deleted Items folder and a copy of the e-mail is sent to OIT with the information necessary to research and remedy the issue.

How to Report Suspicious E-Mails

The Report Message add-in works with Outlook to allow you to report suspicious messages to the Office of Information Technology.


If you choose the Report Message button in the ribbon, you’ll see several different options.

You will then select an option that depends on whether you want to report an e-mail as phishing, junk, or not junk.

Another option you have is to forward any e-mail you wish to mark as junk or phishing to the e-mail


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