Procedure for University of Central Oklahoma Purchases of Apple Products & Services


The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Information Technology has entered into an agreement with Apple to provide an Apple Authorized Campus Store. To assist the University in meeting it contractual requirements with Apple, a procedure for UCO purchases of Apple products and services has been created.


Central Tech Store will serve as the vendor for all University of Central Oklahoma purchases of Apple products and/or services. No UCO purchases will be made through other Apple resellers,, Apple Store, or Apple Education.

All University purchases will be made with a UCO purchase order. ProCards may not be used for the purchase of Apple devices such as computers and iPads.

Process for UCO purchases of Apple products and services – Effective July 1, 2010


  1. UCO Department generates proposal / quote from Apple website OR contacts Central Tech Store for quote
  2. UCO Department submits requisition to Purchasing & Payables
  3. Purchasing & Payables creates PO to Central Tech Store
  4. UCO Department signs invoice at time of delivery
  5. Central Tech Store invoices UCO department
  6. Central Tech Store processes order and delivers to UCO Department
  7. Central Tech Store routes signed invoice through OIT Business Manager
  8. OIT Business Manager inputs inventory receiver and delivers to Purchasing & Payables
  9. Purchasing & Payables processes payment to Central Tech Store



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