University of Central Oklahoma Apple Device Trade-In Readiness Procedure


The University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Office of Information Technology has established a Trade-In program for UCO-owned Apple devices.   After acceptance of the trade-in offer, this procedure outlines the steps for device trade-in readiness to complete the trade-in process.


This procedure applies to all UCO-owned Apple devices that meet the requirements for the Trade-In program and have received trade-in approval and acceptance through the Central Tech Store.


  1. Central Tech Store notifies department tech of trade-in acceptance.
  2. Department tech clears the device according to UCO procedures.  Department tech signs Apple Device Trade-In Form and submits to Central Tech Store.
  3. Central Tech Store collects trade-in devices from the department tech.
  4. Trade-in devices are boxed and labeled for shipment.
  5. Central Tech Store contacts Central Receiving to pick-up shipment.

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