University of Central Oklahoma Trade-In of Apple Devices Procedure


The University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Office of Information Technology has established a Trade-In program for UCO-owned Apple devices.  Departments may trade-in their UCO-owned devices for discounts toward the purchase of new Apple equipment.  A request must first be approved through the Central Tech Store to begin the trade-in process.  A trade-in will only be accepted toward the purchase of a new device.  This procedure outlines the process for trade-ins:


This procedure applies to all UCO-owned Apple devices that meet the requirements for the Trade-In program.  Central Tech Store will serve as the vendor for all UCO trade-ins and discounts toward the purchase of new devices. 


  1. Department emails the Central Tech Store at to request a trade-in quote.
  2. Central Tech Store obtains trade-in information from department requestor.
  3. Central Tech Store sends trade-in device information to Apple and receives trade-in quote amount. Central Tech Store sends trade-in quote to department for acceptance.
  4. Department accepts or rejects trade-in proposal.
  5. If department accepts proposal, Central Tech Store prepares quote and sends to department. (Quote will reflect the discount for trade-in devices and cost of new devices.)
  6. Department submits requisition to Purchasing Department.
  7. Central Tech Store receives P.O. from Purchasing Department, places order for new devices and sends instructions to department regarding trade-in procedure.

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