Learn@UCO (D2L) Dropbox Name Change

Learn@UCO Dropbox Tool Name Change - Coming Soon! 

Starting after May 12, the Learn@UCO (D2L) tool currently known as the "Dropbox" will be called the "Assignments" tool. The term "Assignments" will replace "Dropbox"  in all areas of Learn@UCO. 



Why is this happening?

D2L is expanding the ways assignments can be submitted to instructors; supporting additional submission types including text only, on-paper and observed in-person, as well as the traditional file submission. Because instructors can allow students to do more than just "drop" a file into the folder, a new way to think and talk about the tool was needed. D2L adopted the term "Assignments" to expand what is possible with the D2L dropbox tool and provides instructors more options with clearer wording for both them and their students! 

What do I need to do? 

Nothing! The change will happen automatically and will not affect any of your assignments or links to your assignments.

How can I prepare?

Be prepared to start using the new language with students and instructors alike this summer and fall. Instructors should also look through their course text and syllabi to update places where the "dropbox" tool was referenced by name. 

Additional Information

Learn about all of the submission types and read about the monthly updates to D2L all here in the UCO Service Desk Knowledge Base. 


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Thu 4/25/19 2:42 PM