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This knowledge base article provides a step-by-step guide for publishing a report created in Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service (the online version) using your UCO Microsoft account. Also, this article provides information on sharing your workspace, report, or dashboard with other UCO employees/students.
All UCO Faculty, staff, students and contractors are responsible for protecting the university data they access or use within the scope of their employment and must comply with the UCO Information Security Policy. The Data Classification Guide applies to all devices used to access university data including university owned and managed computers as well as personal devices (tablets, Smartphones, thumb drives).
Central Directory profiles are a resource created to house faculty and staff information in a central location at Learn more about how to create your profile and view or download the Central Directory Profiles Guide.
This article provides an overview of the monthly updates to the Brightspace by D2L (Learn@UCO) system as it applies to the UCO campus.
Having trouble with your classroom or building technology? Contact your building tech for onsite help/assistance!
UCO currently has a number of computer labs available for student use.
Overview of Office365 access and training for faculty, staff and students.
OneDrive is the official cloud file storage platform for UCO.
If you would like to request to have your Display Name* changed at the University of Central Oklahoma, you can submit this request along with the following documentation (licenses, Social Security Card, etc.). These items can be given to the Alumni Relations Office in Evans Hall, Room 101.
OIT has implemented FortiMail to assist with the evaluation of incoming and outgoing email messages for potential threats. A separate quarantine space has been created for each unique UCO email address and messages that have been identified as potential spam will be routed to that address's quarantine. This article provides information on managing the emails that are sent to quarantine including how to release that email to your inbox.
The Office of Information Technology provides all UCO faculty and staff with a "P" Drive which is a secure and private environment for storing professional files. The P Drive can be accessed by all UCO faculty and staff regardless of if they are working on-campus or remotely.
On June 15, 2022, the Microsoft Edge browser will replace Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows computers. This article explains that and provides links to resources and a method to report IE-dependent sites that don't function in Edge
CVENT enables event and marketing professionals to leverage one platform for a consistent, fully branded experience at each step of the virtual event lifecycle including promotion, registration, and all aspects of the virtual experiences.
This article provides steps for linking your UCO Office 365 account to your Zoom account. This allows hosts to view the participant invitee list as well as their calendar responses and allows all zoom participants to connect to a Zoom meeting from their Outlook calendar.
Provides details about UCO's policy and recommendations for password security.
Description, restrictions, and links to Assistive Tech (AT) software including built-in AT features in existing software and operating systems. For all staff, students, and some available to general public.
The Office of Information Technology at the University of Central Oklahoma has developed a checklist to be used when creating digital media to make technology more easily accessible for individuals with disabilities of all ages.
Improve the accessibility of your course with the built-in accessibility checker in the HTML Editor. Accessible content improves the learning experience for all of your students, but especially those with disabilities. By using the accessibility checker, you can be sure you are on your way to creating an inclusive learning environment for all of your students.
PDFs can provide an accessible way to deliver content. They allow people to share documents created in practically any software with someone who does not own that software. If not created correctly, though, they can be completely inaccessible to people who use screen readers and present barriers to many more. The following best practices are provided to help you maximize the accessibility of your PDFs.