Passwords & Accounts Access

Get access to UCO systems (Banner, Degree Works, etc) and file shares.

Services (7)

Password Reset

Get assistance with password resets and access to UCO systems (UCONNECT, D2L, Banner, Degree Works, etc) and file shares.

Employee Security Access Form

Employee Security Access Forms are required for access to most UCO systems such as Banner, email accounts, file shares, and other university services.

New Employee - Access Request

New Employees must have a security access form on file with the university before permissions are granted providing access to university systems.

Employee Transfer - Access Modification

Employees moving to a new role on campus will need to transfer security access.

Employee Departure - Access Remove

Employees separating from the university will want to remove access to services before clearing campus.

File Share Access - Report an Issue

Report an issue with accessing a file share

Guest Wifi Account Access

Guest Access to UCO Wireless Network.