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Do you need assistance with Respondus Campus Edition? General support for the Respondus Campus Edition is available.

Respondus Campus Edition allows you to easily create exams that can be then be loaded into a Learn@UCO course, or printed. It also lets you take exam test banks that are already in a Learn@UCO course, or exam test banks provided from a textbook publisher and load them into Respondus, to create customized exams and quizzes.

In conjunction with our institutional Respondus and StudyMate licensing, faculty can search the Respondus Test Bank Network and request publisher test banks for the textbooks they have adopted for their courses. Over 25 publishers participate in the Respondus Test Bank Network. The test banks are free and are already formatted for use with Respondus and StudyMate. This format of the test banks can save hours of prep time creating exams and learning activities for your courses.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


Respondus provides an easy to use interface for creating questions, quizzes and exams that can then be printed for in-class use, or uploaded to Learn@UCO to be taken online. UCO has purchased an institutional license for the program and it is available for all faculty to use.

In addition to creating content, Respondus can also be utilized to download existing question sets or exams that can then be edited within the program.  

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

Getting Started

All active faculty and staff have access to Respondus.The software download and the license key are available from the UCO Tech Store Online

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