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Service Overview  

UCO uses the Cisco IP Phone 8851 as the default phone for Faculty and Staff. This Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone has 5 programmable lines and feature keys. The default setup is 1 primary extension + 4 speed dials. However, by request, the phone can be setup with additional extensions and less speed dials. 4 additional extensions, for a total of 5, can be programmed to exist on a particular phone. Speed dials, as well as ring settings, voicemail notification settings, and call history for each extension can be managed via Refer to the My Phone Portal section beginning on page 11 of the Cisco Phone User Manual.

Also, a new phone extension may be needed in conjunction with the purchase of a new phone.  Please refer to the Phone Ordering Process.

Available To 

Faculty and Staff


When extensions in addition to the primary extension are added to a phone, answering calls to one of those additional extensions requires the phone user to select the extension and then the press the Answer button to answer the call. By default, the Always Use Prime Line setting is set to On. When the phone is idle (off hook) and receives a call on any extension, the primary extension gets chosen for the call. Calls on other extensions continue to ring, and the phone user must select those other extensions to answer the calls. The benefit to this setup is that when the phone user picks up the phone to make an outbound call, the primarly extension is always selected and therefore the appropriate caller ID information shows up to the individual the call is being made to. 

Alternatively, the Always Use Prime Line setting can be turned off. This enables the phone user to answer a call on any of the extensions that exist on the phone by simply picking up the handset. The caveat to this is that when the handset is picked up to make an outbound call, it will automatically select the last extension that was in use. This means that the primary extension needs to be selected before making an outbound call so that the appropriate caller ID information shows up to the individual the call is being made to.

Getting Started

Do you need to answer phone calls for a colleague or co-worker?  If so, simply click on Request Assistance and include the following:

  • MAC Address of your phone
  • Primary extension of your phone
  • Additional extensions you are needing added to your phone

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Service Fees or Additional Costs

There is no additional charge to have an existing extension added to your phone.  There is an additional charge of $8.00/month to have a new extension added to your phone.


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