Long Distance Authorization Code Request

Service Overview 

By default, all campus phones are restricted to campus calls, local (405 area code) calls, and toll-free calls. When a UCO faculty or staff member needs to make a long distance call, a long distance authorization code is required. This ensures that no unauthorized long distance calls are made, allowing for easy tracking of use and expenses.

Both domestic and international long distance authorization codes are available. If an individual is setup with an international long distance authorization code, that code can be used for both domestic and international dialing. 

Available To

Faculty and Staff


A long distance authorization code is a unique seven-digit number assigned to a specific person that bypasses the restriction on long distance calls and tracks that specific caller's long distance expenses. Authorization codes provide a secure method of placing long distance calls from campus phones.  Long distance calls placed with an authorization code are billed directly to that person's or department's ORG.

Getting Started

If you should need to acquire a long distance code, submit an Employee Security Access form to the IT Service Desk indicating your need for one.  Please include whether you are in need of domestic or international dialing.

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Service Fees or Additional Costs

  • Domestic long-distance = $0.05/minute.
  • International long-distance = $0.10/minute.