Conference Calling

Service Overview 

Conference calls are an important collaboration tool for UCO, bringing together both internal and external stakeholders for quick, ad-hoc conversations to brainstorm new ideas or hash out an existing problem, or for large-scale scheduled meetings. 

  • Ad-hoc Conference Calls - Conference calls with a maximum of 4 participants
  • Conference Now Calls - If you need more than 4 participants for a conference call, contact your ORG manager to set up a Conference Now session.  

Available To 

Faculty and Staff


Ad-hoc conference calling is enabled by default on all UCO phones.  Please refer to page 6 of the Cisco Phone User Manual for more information pertaining to ad-hoc conference calling.

Conference Now, for conference calls with more than 4 participants, can be setup by request.  Typically, each ORG has an individual with the ability to host a Conference Now session.

The Conference Now feature allows both external and internal callers to join a conference by dialing a Conference Now IVR Directory Number (x7100 for internal callers, 405.974.7100 for external callers), which is a centralized conference assistant number. An IVR application guides the caller to join the conference by playing announcements.

A conference is established using a Meeting Number, which is the same as the Self-Service User ID. The meeting number is configured by the administrator in the end user's window. The Self-Service User ID is usually same as the user's primary extension number.

The meeting host provides the Meeting Number, Time slot, and Attendees Access Code to all the participants. The host requires a PIN to join the conference, but the participants do not require it. If a participant dials into the meeting before the host, the participant hears Music on Hold (MOH).

After the host enters both Meeting Number and PIN correctly, a conference bridge is created. Participants who join before the start of the meeting are redirected to the same conference bridge.

The host can set the Attendees Access Code for a secure conference call.

Getting Started

Refer to the Cisco Phone User Manual.

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