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Service Overview

Backup services are designed to provide recoverability for loss of any data stored within the UCO OIT server environment. The cost of backup is built into the cost of services that require backup. System backups are performed at least daily to provide the highest frequency of backups and result in only a 24 hour data loss and allows up to 8 weeks to recover the deleted data.

File Restoration Service is provided to the University of Central Oklahoma at a no cost.  This backs up all the university data that is stored centrally including the following:

  • Servers in the data center
  • File shares on Central, P, and Apps
  • Other systems designated by senior leadership

UCO OIT uses an enterprise backup solution that provides the ability to backup and then de-dupe the data to only story one copy of the backup data for eight weeks to greatly reduce the space requirements.  The environment runs on 3 servers and over 400 TB of storage.  The environment is split between the Primary data center and the disaster recovery site to provide safe keeping of all the data.  The de-duplication system is saving about 95% of disk space greatly reducing the physical requirement of storage needed.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


  • File Restoration provides the ability to restore data back that was deleted for up to 8 weeks from the day it was deleted.  
  • Using enterprise backup solution allows UCO IT to de-dupe the data that is storing on disk backups greatly reducing the cost of storing the backup data.
  • All backup data is stored in 2 locations at all times.

Getting Started

Do you need a file recovered and it hasn’t been deleted for longer than 8 weeks?

Please use Request Assistance link and provide the following information:

  • File Location – Full path to file
  • Name of file
  • Restored Location:  Back to original location or restored with a different name or location
  • When was the file deleted, or what was the last day it was there.

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