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The UCO Website is the front door for university visitors. The website is maintained by University Communications and a Web Content Team specifically designed to ensure news or information is kept up-to-date. If you would like to request an update or have new information that could be updated to the university website, you can contact your Web Content Team representative or fill out the request using the link on the left. 

Who Is My Web Content Team Representative:

Some areas have more than one representative. The primary point of contact listed below can help connect you with the correct individual if there is a more appropriate contact:

Enrollment and Student Success:

Enrollment and Student Success is represented by Content Liaisons that work directly with University Communications to validate and coordinate website content updates. These are your primary points of contact:

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Students, Faculty, and Staff


The UCO website utilizes the most advanced web technology available to provide the UCO community with the latest news and information regarding the university. Although, should any news or information on the UCO website become outdated or irrelevant, the Office of Information Technology would like to correct those errors so that UCO locals and visitors can be provided with the latest information regarding the university.

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

Getting Started

By filling out this request, you can notify the Office of University Communications about any archaic news or information that is displayed on the UCO website. We will then begin to update this outdated content with new and relevant information that can be provided to the UCO community.

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