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Would you like for your website to be added to the UCO A-Z Website Index? The A-Z Website Index serves as a tool to help the UCO community and visitors locate specific webpages within UCO’s website. Websites that want to be considered for inclusion on the A-Z Site Index should be complete and follow accessibility and web presence guidelines.

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The A-Z Website Index is a catalogue of some of the many different aspects of UCO that are presented on the university’s website. From the A-Z Website Index, UCO community members and visitors can easily locate news and information. To be considered for inclusion in the A-Z Website index, your site must follow the Web Presence Guidelines.

Individual web pages should be listed on the Division/College/Department web site map or index and, as such, are not eligible for inclusion on the A-Z index. Organizations and special programs should also be included in Division/College/Department web site map or index but will be considered for inclusion under special circumstances. Incomplete websites or sites under construction will not be considered for inclusion.

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

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Current UCO Faculty and Staff can submit this request to have their website included on the A-Z Website Index. Once the request has been completed, you should be notified that your website has been added and should now be displayed on the A-Z Website Index.

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