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The Office of Information Technology recognizes that websites are the online front door to UCO colleges, departments, programs, offices, or the like.  OIT desires to provide an opportunity to allow each area to express creativity when marketing particular causes.  

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Faculty and Staff


Custom website design may be outsourced for use within the Web Content Management System (WCMS).    However, when outsourcing web design, certain criteria must be considered in order to meet requirements of the WCMS and the university's branding efforts. 

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Getting Started

In order to design the most effective online web presence, please consult with OIT before engaging in any contract with a web design vendor.    OIT will help to craft specific requirements to meet both your needs and those of the WCMS.  Or,  if preferred, OIT can facilitate the entire process, from vendor engagement to launch of website; we are here to support you and your needs. 

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