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The UCO Master Calendar is the University's central source of information for campus events. Because it is online, it is updated daily and can be accessed at any time by any member of the college community through the University's website or through UCONNECT. It's the "Central" place to go to find out about the many lectures, performances, athletic events, workshops or meetings that are available to you.

Available To

Students, Faculty, and Staff


University - Only University sponsored events and activities will be included in the calendar. University sponsorship must be by an office, department, college, organization or club.  The event must be confirmed for a room/space reservation for the proposed date and time. The event should not duplicate another event listing.

For additional information, find your answer in our Knowledge Base articles.

Getting Started

Anyone with a scheduled University event can submit event information for inclusion in the calendar. Only the Master Campus Calendar Coordinator and the designated sub-calendar event managers have access to the calendar system to enter or change information. Therefore, individuals, departments or organizations must submit their event information by clicking on "Submit Event" found on the UCO Master Calendar website, which will be routed to the appropriate calendar, reviewed, and posted to the calendar.

NOTE: All requests for calendar entries will be made via the calendar "Submit Event" form - please review the Creating New Event in Master Calendar guide.  Master Calendar is unable to accept submissions via e-mail, telephone or other media.

Any officially recognized department or organization may request a Master Calendar. 

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Fees/Additional Costs

  • Submit an Event- No Charge
  • Request a Calendar- There will be a one-time license fee charge of $250 for each calendar and a $50 annual maintenance fee.
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