Mobile App (UCO Central) Feature Request

Service Overview

The UCO Central application provides a mobile solution for acessing information such as important numbers, campus map, campus events, campus news, class schedules and grades.  It is available at the Apple store and the Google Play store.  It was developed by Ellucian and customized by UCO.  If you have a new feature you would like to have submitted, please describe in detail what the feature does, how you interact with it and the advantages and savings you will have from having this feature added.  Consideration will be given to these requests.  If reasonable, they will be addressed either through a customization or a request to Ellucian to add the new feature.

Available To

Students, Faculty, and Staff


Some features are easy to add to the application as they are configuration items.  Others are more difficult and would require modification to the base code.  The configuration items will be modified as applicable.  Modifications to the base code will be requested of Ellucian.  If applicable, a new web application might be created to meet the needs of the request.

Getting Started

Provide mock up screen shots of your desired features with your request.  A workflow or table of your requested features would also be useful.

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