Mobile App Issue or Service Disruption

Service Overview

The UCO Central application provides a mobile solution for acessing information such as important numbers, campus map, campus events, campus news, class schedules and grades.  It is available at the Apple store and the Google Play store.

What is a Service Disruption

Issues or service disruptions are when services are unavailable.  

The most common issues or service disruptions with the UCO Central app:

  • Cannot login
  • Do not see expected information

Make sure you are using the latest version by first deleting the application from your smartphone, and then re-installing the application to see if the issue still persists.  If you are still having problems, report the issue using the Report Service Disruption link. 

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Report Service Disruption


Tue 5/16/17 11:38 AM
Thu 1/18/18 2:16 PM