Server Purchase - Quote Request

Service Overview 

UCO hosts many of its technology services on servers managed by OIT and campus technicians. OIT personnel and campus techs can request the build of a new server.

Available To 

OIT Technicians and Campus Techs

Getting Started

Do you need to request a new server to host one or more of your services?

If possible, please provide the following details with the request:

  • Server purpose
  • Physical or virtual?
    • If physical, include documentation showing that this cannot be a virtual server.
  • Hardware specifications (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.)
    • Please provide supporting documentation for these specifications.
  • Does this server replace a current server? If so, what is the name of the current server?
  • Is this server associated with a project? If so, please identify the project.
  • What operating system will this server be running?
    • Please provide justification if not a Windows server

Fees/Additional Costs

A quote will be provided and must be approved before the server build is started.

Request Assistance


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