Multimedia AV Design and Integration Services

Service Overview

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has the responsibility of design, development, approval, installation, maintenance and management of enterprise multimedia solutions in all UCO owned and leased buildings and properties. This would include but is not limited to performance and event venues, conference rooms, and instructional spaces along with control systems, AV wiring and installation, network connectivity, displays, digital signage, video conferencing, web conferencing, streaming, audio and video equipment. Such responsibility implies a first right of refusal by OIT on all A/V and multimedia design, development, approval, installation, maintenance and management.

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Multimedia services assist with integration of multimedia projects. Proper planning and design, coordination for permanent multimedia/AV solutions in the classroom, meeting rooms, and large venue spaces. Contact us for a free consultation.

Current faculty and staff can submit a purchase request by submitting a request  through the UCO Service Desk.

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  • Information pertaining to the multimedia purchase request or AV Design Project/task.

Fees/Additional Costs

Costs associated based on complexity of the project.

Contact a Multimedia Staff member for more information.

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