SCCM Software Deployment Request

Service Overview

Do you need a piece of software deployed to a lab, department, or another group of computers? SCCM software deployment is tool that facilitates the installation of software on multiple computers. Requested software should be licensed, open source, or otherwise freely available.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


SCCM software deployments facilitate the installation of a piece of software on multiple computers. Deployments can be scheduled to take place after hours, or made available for installation at any time via Software Center. Many software products have additional tools which allow for customized configurations.

Getting Started

Current UCO Faculty and Staff can submit this request to have a piece of software deployed to multiple UCO-owned computers. Before submitting this request, please have the following information ready:

  • Software installation files
  • Licensing for requested software
  • Department or list of computers on which the software should be installed

Once the request has been completed, you should be notified that the requested software deployment is complete.

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