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The D2L Dropbox tool in Learn@UCO courses now provides the ability to assess a variety of different submission types, beyond just student submitted files. This article provides an overview of the different submission types and the options available for each. These options are only available to newly created dropboxes.
The university's Web Content Team is responsible for all university web content strategy and planning as well as content updates to maintain consistency and the integrity of the university web presence.
This article provides online resources and support for the suite of Respondus tools including Respondus 4.0, the LockDown browser, and Respondus Monitor.
Provides general Digital Den computer lab information including: hours of operation, softwares installed, lab location and other details relevant. The Digital Den is located in the Nigh University Center
Provides general Library Computer Lab information including: hours of operation, softwares installed, lab location and other details relevant. The Library Computer Lab is located in the Max Chambers Library.
Technology Questions for Software Vendors
The Learning Center is your first stop for on-campus continuing education opportunities available to UCO staff and faculty.
Your UCO username is the gateway to most UCO services, such as UCONNECT, D2L, Email, etc. The format is typically your first initial then your last name and may be followed by a number.
To enhance security all UCO faculty, students and staff are required to change their UCO password every 90 days. You may change your password at any time, but if 90 days have passed since it was last changed, you will be prompted to change it. This will be enforced by using an alert mechanism in UCONNECT.
View the full technology training catalog from the TRC. Custom and one-on-one trainings available on request.
Follow these instructions for accessing, registering for, and launching the UCO Annual Required Training courses.
All calendar events must be submitted electronically in the designated format, following the appropriate submission and approval processes.
Handouts and online resources available for those who have been upgraded to Windows 10 and Office 2016
In Fall 2017, Adobe changed their method for licensing Adobe Creative Cloud products. This article instructs users of these products on how to sign in with their Adobe Enterprise ID.
Automic is UCO’s job scheduling software which enables the running of Banner jobs on a schedule without user intervention.
This knowledge base articles provides a video overview of UCO’s learning management system, Learn@UCO. The video focuses on the student perspective of the system with instructions for logging in and navigating Learn@UCO.
The Office of Information Technology provides all UCO faculty and staff with a "P" Drive which is a secure and private environment for storing professional files. The P Drive can be accessed by all UCO faculty and staff regardless of if they are working on-campus or remotely.
OneDrive is the official cloud file storage platform for UCO.
Provides information and instructions for downloading and installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.
All UCO Faculty, staff, students and contractors are responsible for protecting the university data they access or use within the scope of their employment and must comply with the UCO Information Security Policy. The Data Classification Guide applies to all devices used to access university data including university owned and managed computers as well as personal devices (tablets, Smartphones, thumb drives).
The University of Central Oklahoma has the responsibility for securing its computing and networking systems (both academic and administrative) against unauthorized access, while making the systems accessible for legitimate academic and administrative uses.