Media Retention Policy: UCO On Demand (Kaltura) & Zoom

The Office of Information Technology has released the latest Media Retention Policy for UCO On Demand (Kaltura) and Zoom.

UCO On Demand/D2l My Media (Kaltura)

Media stored in UCO On Demand is controlled entirely by the primary author. The primary author only has access to make media available to a private channel within UCO On Demand. Inappropriate content can also be removed by the Office of Information Technology without warning. UCO On Demand is not a permanent media storage/repository solution. Content on UCO On Demand can be removed by its owner without any warning. Content on UCO on Demand is considered an unauthenticated copy of content that exists elsewhere and is not considered a University permanent record.

To stay within our allocated storage parameters and keep University costs low, UCO on Demand users are encouraged to monitor and delete un-used media from their accounts. Media not played in 3 years or older, content will automatically be deleted.

Zoom Class Recordings on UCO On Demand My Media

Zoom classroom lectures are intended for current semester review only. Media will be retained in Zoom cloud storage until the end of each semester. After the conclusion of each semester Zoom videos will copied into Kaltura and removed from Zoom cloud storage.


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Fri 7/16/21 10:49 AM
Fri 7/16/21 12:32 PM