Display & Name Change for Alumni


Alumni may present the appropriate documentation to the Alumni Office and complete a Name Change Request Form to have their Display Name changed at the University of Central Oklahoma.  This will change the display name* only; the systems name** will not be changed for alumni. Your name change request will be authorized by Alumni Relations personnel upon receiving the Name Change Request Form and appropriate documentation. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will then generate a service request and upon its completion, you will be notified that all changes have been processed and that your service request has been completed.


  1. To get the Name Change Request Form, you can contact the Alumni Office by calling them directly at (405)-974-2421 or you can email them at alumni@uco.edu.
  2. Once you have completed the Name Change Request Form, you will need to turn in the following documentation (licenses, Social Security Card, etc.) to the Alumni Relations Office in Evans Hall, Room 101 along with the Name Change Request Form.
  3. A service request for your name change request will be created and processed by OIT and you will be notified upon its completion.


*Display Name- the display name is generally the first, middle and last name of the user as shown on a typical document. For example, John W. Smith

**Systems Name- the name an individual uses to access various computer systems on campus.  It is generally the first initial and last name of the user combined with a numeric number (if necessary) to create a unique name, i.e. jsmith23, bbroncho.  It is used to create the email address, i.e. bbroncho@uco.edu and is also referred to as the UCONNECT username, or computer login. The systems name will not be changed for alumni.


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