College/Department Technical Support

College/Department Technical Support Contact Information

Technical support personnel are available in colleges and departments to provide timely classroom support, computer configuration and general troubleshooting for faculty and staff. The college/department support contact information is provided in this article. All other inquiries can be directed to the Online Service Desk or 405-974-2255. 

College Point of Contact Support Number Email Title Website
Academy of Contemporary Music (Vacant) 405-974-4707   IT/Media Technology Support Specialist I UCO Service Desk          
Tyler Garcia 405-974-4700 Studio/Equipment Technology Support Specialist I          
Campus Enterprises Victor Silva 405-974-2939

Director of IT Campus Enterprises Ticket Request          

College of Fine Arts &

Anthony Tompkins

405-974-5213 Tech Specialist III UCO Service Desk
College of Business Eric Rogers 405-974-2807 Coordinator of Technical Services UCO Service Desk
Daniel Fairbanks 405-974-2807 Tech Support Specialist II
College of Education Rod Edwards 405-974-5160 Manager of Technology Services CEPS Tech Service Request
Christian Quick 405-974-5145 Tech Support Specialist III
Aaron Robben 405-974-5103

Tech Support Specialist II
College of Liberal Arts Steven Birkes 405-974-2837 Coordinator of Technical Services - LAN/LAS UCO Service Desk
Abby Brown 405-974-2837 Tech Support Specialist II - LAN/LAS
Phyllis Fry 405-974-2837 Tech Support Specialist III - Communications
Center for Transformative Learning Adam Rubin 405-974-2681 Tech Support Specialist II UCO Service Desk
Forensic Science Institute Adam Rubin 405-974-6997 Tech Support Specialist II UCO Service Desk
College of Mathematics & Science Thomas Chen  405-974-4444 Manager Technical Services UCO Service Desk
Daniel Wagner 405-974-4444

Tech Support Specialist II
Library Beth Jones 405-974-2101 Director of Library Technology  
Benjamin Hardwick 405-974-2861 Systems Administrator
Justin Quoss-Moore 405-974-2867 Tech Support Spec
Center for eLearning and Customized Education Jay Hargett 405-974-5395 eLearning Supp Spec III UCO Service Desk
OKC Downtown (Vacant) 405-974-3030   Tech Support Spec I UCO Service Desk
Austin McCoy 405-974-3993 IT Service Desk Analyst
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