Benefits FAQ


Q:  Why can't I see my benefits?

A:  Benefit information is still being loaded into the system.  When it is added, we will let you know!


Q:  Where do I actually go see my benefits?

A:  When the Benefits info has been populated, log into your Employee Self Service page on your PC or mobile app and click on "Benefits".


Q:  How do I add a dependent to my benefits?

A:  Continue to use BenefitFocus until futher notice.


Q:  I can't see FMLA leave.  How do I request this?

A:  Once you have been approved for FMLA leave through benefits, this will be added as an option in your leave requests screen.


Q:  If I have FMLA approved, do I have to enter FMLA time daily/weekly?

A:  No - once approved benefits will populate this for you.


Q:  Where will I see my OTRS contributions in Paycom?

A:  The best place to view OTRS figures is within the OTRS portal directly at  If you have questions, email


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