Leave FAQ


Q: How do I request leave types not listed?

A: Funeral, voting, community, disaster, FMLA leave etc - your supervisor must request this through payroll@uco.edu and then you can request it in Paycom.

Q: How do I add leave for an employee who is sick for an extended period?

A: The employee should still be able to submit leave requests from home. In the event an employee submit leave, email payroll@uco.edu.


Q: Can I cancel a vacation leave that is already approved in Paycom?

A: Yes. As an employee, you can submit a cancellation request. 


Q: When can I request leave in the Paycom system?

A: Leave can be requested in Paycom starting in early May, and communications will be sent out once you receive access.


Q: I've already had time off approved beyond May 1, do I have to resubmit in Paycom?

A: Yes. You will need to submit in Paycom after May 1st. 


Q: Can you print your employee accrual reports?

A: Yes. Under your reporting tool, you can pull a pdf.


Q: How do faculty submit the application to be away from assigned duties form or faculty professional leave form when they want to go to a conference?  

A: Contact Academic Affairs


More Questions?

For additional assistance, contact hr@uco.edu.


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