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Q:  Why is my Paycom username different from my Banner username?

An employee's Paycom username may differ from their Banner username. They may notice this new username displayed next to their name at the top of the screen in the Client Side portal of Paycom. Employees can disregard the Paycom username and continue to sign into the system using SSO (through


Q:  What is my badge number?

Banner ID without the *


Q:  How do I log into the Paycom App for the first time?

Use your full UCO email as the username; it will then ask for your username and password.


Q:  Why am I automatically logged back into Paycom without re-entering my credentials after I logout?

To ensure you are completely logged off (especially important when using shared computers), please ensure you close your browser.


Q:  How do I find out what my "home" position is?

Under "Information" select "Additional Information".


Q:  How are the approver lists populated?

Once you type the org number into your modification/posting, it will populate the relevant approvers .


Q:  Are there any documents to hand out to student employees?

Yes, Paycom 123 guides and a host of Paycom University training guides are available in the client side of Paycom.


Q:  Is the client side available through the Paycom App?

Not currently - but it is in development.


Q:  Is there any improvement in tracking if students are meeting their credit hours?

No, credit hours are not housed in Paycom. 


Q:   What is Paycom’s stance on information sharing?

Paycom has never and will never share any personal, confidential information relating to our clients or their employees to any third party organization. This confusion has arisen because of the privacy policy on our public website. (

This privacy policy governs users of Paycom’s public marketing website, and does NOT pertain to our relationship with our clients and their employees.

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