Clocking In FAQ


Q:  I cannot clock in or out on my phone, why?

A: You must be on UCO's network (wifi or LAN) to clock in or out.


Q: On the recent punches is there a way to see which position I punch in?

A: Yes, hover over the time and it will list the labor allocation. Primarily look at the Department to determine where you clocked in.


Q: What happens if an employee arrives or leaves late frequently?

A: As a supervisor you need to manage this appropriately, up to and including termination if this is a persistent problem.


Q: Can I as a supervisor initiate a punch change request?

A: No,  punch change requests are driven by the employee.


Q: When do I need to click "transfer" on the hardware sign in clocks?

A: If you are switching to clocking in for a secondary or tertiary position, you will need to select transfer to clock in.


Q: How do we make a punch change request if we re not on UCO's network (WIFI or LAN)?

A: You can make punch change requests on the app or desktop from any network.


Q: If I work 8-5 including a working lunch, should I log out for my lunch period?

A: No,  if you actually worked over your lunch, you would record that as a 9 hour day.


Q: When do you need to use the employee code for logging in on the physical clocks?

A: Anytime you are clocking IN, but not when clocking OUT.


Q: What happens if I'm sick on Friday and its the last day of the payroll?

A: Accrual will be automatic; when you return you need to request the sick leave.


Q: What if I'm home sick and cannot access my time card? I want to ensure I get paid.

A: Contact your supervisor


Q: My working location doesn't have a working network for me to clock in or out?

A: Contact


Q: I have multiple employees that travel as part of their role, how will they clock in?

A: Contact


Q: As a remote employee, how do I clock in?

A: Contact


Q: How do I clock in if I'm off campus as part of the physical activity policy?

A: Since you are outside of UCO's wireless network, you will need to submit a punch change request.


Q: I work a pretty set schedule, can I just remember the times I came in and out and add them at the end of the day/week?

A: You need to record your time in real time, otherwise you will need to submit a punch change request every time.


Q: If you are on the UCO VPN, can you clock in via your work computer?

A: Yes, as long as you have supervisor approval.


Q: Because we are moving to real time, what happens if someone ends up with a few minutes less or over 40 hour per week?

A: Each employee should be responsible for managing their hours appropriately. If they are unable to do that, the supervisor should address accordingly. Any time worked over 40 hours will be counted as comp time by default.


Q: What happens to my time card when I work from 11:59pm through midnight the next day?

A: The system will recognize you did not clock out from the previous day and will continue to record time worked until you clock out.


Q: How do I clock in while traveling for work?

A: Submit a punch change request to cover the time you are engaging in compensable work.  If unsure what constitutes compensable time, email


Q:  What do we do if we have a student employee without a smartphone or access to a computer when/where they regularly work?    
A:  They would need to complete punch change requests from a computer or phone when first available


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