Talent Acquisition FAQ


Q:  How do I post a job?    

A:  Jobs.uco.edu will automatically update to Paycom when the Applicant Tracking System is ready


Q:  How do I submit a modification?

A:  As a supervisor, you should complete the relevant Personal Action Form (PAF)


Q:  How do I make a student job offer?

A:  Student job offers requests will be submitted through Paycom 


Q:  How do I make a staff job offer?

A:  Staff job offer requests will be submitted through Paycom


Q:  Will the Adjunct Portal still exist?

A:  No, adjunct hire will be processed through Paycom.


Q:  How do I add someone to a search committee?    

A:  Email jobs@uco.edu with a list of names and the position name and number you want them added to. As long as they have attended screening committee training within the past 24 months we will add them.


Q:  I don't see all of my direct reports in Paycom - how do I add them?    

A:  Contact jobs@uco.edu


Q:  When do I start posting positions in Paycom rather than iCIMs?    

A:  May 1st (anticipated)


Q:  What is a "hot job" ?    

A:  It lets HR know that this job is hard to fill 


Q:  Do all jobs posted need to require a resume and cover letter?    

A:  No - you can decide this based on the job when you create this


More Questions?

For additional assistance, contact hr@uco.edu.


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