Supervisors FAQ


Q:  If a supervisor is out can you allocate a proxy?

A:  Yes, your next level supervisor will be the default but to request additional email


Q:  Will I get an email notification for any pending approval?

A:  For time and leave requests, yes but best practice is to login daily and check your notifications.


Q:  Will we be able to see if someone forgets to clock out?

A:  Yes, missing punches will be identified by a red triangle in your timecard dashboard.


Q:  Can you edit someones timecard?

A:  No, the employee must submit a punch change request.


Q:  Can you approve timecards without being on the UCO network?

A: Yes, timecard clocking in and out is the only thing that needs to be done on the UCO network.


Q:  Who will approve time when I am out of office?

A: The default proxy will be your supervisor


Q:  How do I approve time for someone with multiple/different positions?

A: At the end of each pay period you will need to review your employee’s timecard for the hours they worked in your department. Once you have verified the hours worked in your department are accurate and correct, you will need to approve ONE DAY on that employee’s timecard. This will signify you have approved the overall timecard for that employee. You do not need to approve the entire time card because the employee’s second supervisor will also only approve ONE DAY. This will signal to Payroll that both supervisors have reviewed and approved the timecard and it is ready to be processed. For additional assistance, contact or attend one of the open labs Monday April 15th 8am – 1pm or Friday April 19th 2:30pm – 5:30pm in the Lillard Administration Building Room 101A.


Q:  Who is responsible for training new student employees on using Paycom?

A:  Their supervisor will be responsible for training them or directing them to Paycom University for a self-training module.


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