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How to View Your STLR Credits and Start Building Your STLR Snapshot Page (a PDF printout)

Select the following links to learn how to view your STLR credits in the STLR Snapshot online dashboard and to start building your customized STLR Snapshot Page Printout (a PDF):

What is STLR and How Can it Help You?

Select the links to learn more about the following topics:

  • Learn about UCO's Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) Program in general
  • Use your STLR Snapshot to stand out now and when you graduate
  • Visit with a Career Coach in the UCO Career Development Center about how you can use your STLR Snapshot Page for career planning, such as, when remembering what to put on a resume, cover letter, talk about in an interview, grad school, or scholarship application. 
  • NOTE: For UCO's Foundation Scholarship Portal and Leadership Central Scholarships, you should only need your "unofficial" STLR Snapshot Page that you can create and download at any time at (linked above). While these scholarship applications require an official Academic transcript, they do not actually state you need to purchase and upload an "official STLR Snapshot Page." You can upload your unofficial version that you create and save to your own device. For on-campus, the unofficial version is accepted. While the official version is available for purchase through UCO's Parchment transcript portal, along with your official academic transcript, you would not need to purchase it, except if you optionally choose to do so, to attach it to a professional job application, resume, or grad school application, usually near or before graduation. If you do choose to order an official copy, once in the transcript ordering portal (Parchment), Firefox or Google Chrome browsers are recommended. 


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