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This video provides a video of how instructors can use the Sections tool in their D2L courses to differentiate between their on-campus and virtual sections. Additional information on renaming sections for easier identification is also provided.
View the full technology training catalog from the TRC. Custom and one-on-one trainings available on request.
This knowledge base articles provides a video overview of UCO’s learning management system, Learn@UCO. The video focuses on the student perspective of the system with instructions for logging in and navigating Learn@UCO.
Graduating students who have a Learn@UCO (D2L) ePortfolio have the option to transfer their ePortfolio items from UCO's system into the MyDesire2Learn ePortfolio platform, hosted by the D2L company, in order to retain access to their ePortfolio contents even after they are no longer a student. This article covers how to: create a MyDesire2Learn account; export UCO ePortfolio contents into a file; and import the file and contents into the MyDesire2Learn system.