Recording Extended Classes


Each of the supported OIT web-conferencing platforms (Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom) allow for the recording of classes by instructors. Please refer to your department chair regarding your department's stance on recording and sharing recorded class content. 

It is OIT recommendation that if you are recording your classes you record them to the 'cloud' and not record them to the computer you are using. Each link below provides information on recording to the cloud.


Microsoft Teams

Recording a Meeting in Teams - Covers: Recording, who can start/stop, privacy, trouble shooting
Play and share a meeting recording - Covers: Playing, who can view, sharing links, downloading recording
Limit attendee recording access


Record a Webex Meeting
Access your Webex Meeting Recording
Record a Webex Teams
Access your Webex Teams Recording


Recording a Zoom Meeting - Covers: Cloud record, recording disclaimers, audio settings, automatic recording.


For additional assistance recording on the OIT supported platforms contact 405.974.2255


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