Learn@UCO (D2L) Resources for instructors such as assessing student dropbox submissions and emailing your classlist, as well as other academic technology resources including Mathematica, Qualtrics and SAS.

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Activity Feed Widget: Learn@UCO

The Activity Feed Service provides the ability to use the Activity Feed homepage widget. The Activity Feed widget creates a unique "feed" or "stream" for a course. The feed is a way for instructors to provide access to activities learners need to complete, deliver information they need to know, and facilitate learner engagement using simplified workflows in an intuitive and friendly interface.

Adding a Widget to Your Course Homepage: Learn@UCO

Instructors have access to customize their course homepage by adding new system or custom widgets. This guide provides instructions for instructors on adding new widgets to your course home.

Annotations for Assessing Assignment Submission: Learn@UCO

Annotate student assignment submissions in Brightspace with ease. Make notes, underline, and comment directly onto the submitted assignment for student review.

Assess an Assignment Submission: Learn@UCO

This article walks instructors through the process of assessing an assignment submitted to a Learn@UCO Dropbox.

Assignment Submission Types in Learn@UCO

The D2L Assignments Folder tool in Learn@UCO courses now provides the ability to assess a variety of different submission types, beyond just student submitted files. This article provides an overview of the different submission types and the options available for each. These options are only available to newly created Assignments Folder.

Brightspace Pulse

Get Prepared. Be Productive. Stay Connected. Brightspace Pulse, an Android and iOS app, is free and available to all UCO students. This app provides a secure connection to your Learn@UCO courses giving you access to a weekly calendar, personal to-do lists, swipe to reveal grades, course updates, instant notifications and more. This article provides additional information on the options within Brightspace Pulse and a full guide for downloading, logging in and using the app tools and features.

Change Course Image: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors through the process of switching the course image which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage.

Change Course Offering Dates: Learn@UCO

Instructors can determine the availability date of their courses within Learn@UCO. This article guides instructors in the process of changing the start or end date of their courses.

Copy Course Content: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors in the process of copying content from one Learn@UCO course shell to another. Instructors can copy all content from one course to another or may pick-and-choose which content to copy.

Course Merge Request: Learn@UCO (D2L)

While combining courses can be a helpful tool for instructors who do not need to distinguish the courses by due dates, specific assignments, or separated discussion boards, the process can have larger implications that instructors should be aware of when requesting a course merge. This article covers the following information: 1. Please Read Before Requesting a Course Merge and 2. How to Request a D2L Course Merge.

Create a Custom Quiz or Exam Submission View in Learn@UCO

This article provides steps for instructors to create a custom submission view for online quizzes/exam created in Learn@UCO. This feature can allow students to view past quiz submissions, questions, answers, statistics and more based on settings determined by the instructor. These options can be different for each quiz or exam.

Create a Question Pool in an Online Quiz or Exam: Learn@UCO

This article provides steps for instructors to add a question pool in an online quiz or exam created in the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.

Email from Classlist: Learn@UCO

The guide provides steps for either emailing the entire class OR emailing an individual/small group from the D2L Classlist.

Enable Browser Spell Checking

Many instructors are used to finding a spell-checking tool as a part of the tool bar within the D2L course creation tools. However, with the release of the Brightspace Editor, D2L has removed that feature. "D2L recommends using your browser spell check functionality." This article will walk individuals through the process of enabling or verifying the spell check settings for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Internet browsers.

ePortfolios at UCO

This article provides a basic overview the Brightspace (D2L) ePortfolio tool available to all UCO students and instructors.

Exam Proctoring with Respondus Monitor

This article provides basic information and links to additional resources for using the Respondus Monitor program to automate proctored exams in D2L.

Extended Classroom Sections: On-Campus vs. Virtual Students

This video provides a video of how instructors can use the Sections tool in their D2L courses to differentiate between their on-campus and virtual sections. Additional information on renaming sections for easier identification is also provided.

H5P Resources and Getting Started

H5P allows you to easily and quickly create rich interactive content within your D2L courses. This guide provides information on getting started, creating new content, and transferring content between accounts.

Intelligent Agents: Learn@UCO (D2L)

The Intelligent Agents tool monitors a D2L course to find an activity that matches the criteria that you set. The criteria that the agents search for are login activity, course activity, and release conditions in Brightspace Learning Environment. Once the system identifies that the set criteria are met, you can elect to have the system automatically send an email or just document the results.

Learn@UCO (D2L) - Setting & Displaying Personal Pronouns

This article covers the steps for setting and displaying your personal pronouns in Learn@UCO (D2L).

Learn@UCO (D2L) - Student Role Change

If a student needs access to a closed course, the instructor can change the student's course role (found in the classlist) from "Student" to "Student - Extended Access". This will allow that single student access to the course for as long as is needed while the course remains closed to all other students. This will also not affect the student's access to any other courses.

Learn@UCO (D2L) Updates

This article provides an overview of the monthly updates to the Brightspace by D2L (Learn@UCO) system as it applies to the UCO campus.

Learn@UCO Rubric Resources

The Rubric tool available in Learn@UCO (D2L) makes it easy to assess student achievement in Dropbox Folders, Discussion Topics, Quizzes, Surveys and Learning Objectives. This article provides resources and an overview of terminology for instructors on using the Rubrics tool.

Learn@UCO: Check Settings for Lockdown Browser or Turnitin.com

Any time you copy course content from one section to another, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to verify the settings for any quizzes/exams using the Respondus LockDown Browser or any assignment folders using Turnitin.com. Sometimes these settings may need to be updated before these features are enabled in a new course. This article provides instructions for accessing these settings and making modifications.

Learn@UCO: D2L Course Default Navigation Bar

Learn more about the D2L course navigation bar and the various categories, links, and resources in this knowledge base article designed for both instructors and students.

Managing your Classlist: Learn@UCO

This article provides instructions for adding and unenrolling participants to a Learn@UCO classlist. This can include teaching assistants and other instructors who need changes in access to the course.


Mathematica, "the world's definitive system for modern technical computing" is available for students, faculty and staff. This article will describe the process for downloading the Wolfram Mathematica software onto both UCO owned and personal machines.

Navigating the Content Tool in Learn@UCO

This article provides students with steps and resources for understanding the Content tool in Learn@UCO, including navigation, bookmarks, printing and more.

Online Proctoring Tools at UCO

OIT and CeCE are supporting two different exam proctoring tools with a variety of features to allow you, as instructors, the flexibility to select the solution that is most appropriate for your class, content, and teaching style.

Participate in an Online Discussion Board: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of participating in an online discussion the Learn@UCO discussion board for a specific course.

Pin and Unpin Courses in the My Courses Widget: Learn@UCO (D2L)

This article covers the options for pinning and unpinning courses to the Learn@UCO (D2L) My Courses widget. These options apply to both instructors and students and the screenshots are for the updated Daylight experience.

Quiz Question Creation in Learn@UCO

This guide provides basic instructions for creating a quiz question using the new Quiz Creation Experience in Learn@UCO. It is assumed that individual’s using this guide will have prior experience creating a quiz within the Learn@UCO system.

Record/Share Videos for Instruction in D2L

Recording lectures or short videos and then posting them to your D2L course is a great way to provide information to students succinctly and engage students in ways beyond that of text-based communication/instructions. This article provides a collection of resources for instructors who want to use videos for instruction.

Release/Unrelease Final Grades: Learn@UCO (D2L) Gradebook

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for course instructors to release (aka: show) or unrelease (aka: hide) current final grades to students. This can be done at any point in the semester or can be kept automatically updated from the start.

Respondus 4.0 Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides the instructions for basic steps within Respondus

Respondus Resources and Support

This article provides online resources and support for the suite of Respondus tools including Respondus 4.0, the LockDown browser, and Respondus Monitor.

Semester Checklist: Getting Started

This article provides instructors with a basic checklist of items to complete at the start of each semester. Are you ready for the semester to begin?

Set Course Image Banner: Learn@UCO

This article guides instructors through the process of using the course image (which appears in the My Courses widget on an individual’s homepage) as the banner on the Course Home screen.

SMARTBoard Tutorials and Guides

This article provides resources for the use of a SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard.

Submit an Assignment to the Assignments Folder: Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of submitting an assignment to the Learn@UCO Dropbox for a specific course.

Take an Online Quiz or Exam in Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of completing a quiz or exam using the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.

Turnitin Draft Coach for Instructors

Students can use Turnitin Draft Coach to check grammar, similarity, and citations all before submitting to their course instructor. This guide provides a brief overview of Turnitin Draft Coach for instructors, information on how students can get started, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Updating the License for SAS Analytics

Instructions for updating the SAS license on personal computers

Using the Learn@UCO Calendar Tool

This article provides students information on using the Learn@UCO Calendar tool including navigating, viewing multiple calendars at the same time, adding your own tasks, and adjusting your view options.

View an Online Quiz or Exam Submission Details in Learn@UCO

This article walks students through the process of reviewing an online quiz or exam submission taken in the Learn@UCO Quizzes tool.

View Course Assignment Grades in Learn@UCO

This article shows students how to view their course assignment grades in Learn@UCO.

Webex within D2L

Schedule Webex meetings, events, training sessions, or team meetings and invite all class members. Share office hours and view analytics, including attendance. Create a team or space within Webex Teams so that class members can communicate, share files, receive updates, and see links to meeting recordings or upcoming meetings.

Wireless Mirroring Technology Recommendation

After months of research and evaluation as well as the contributions of a user evaluation team, the Enterprise Mirroring Project team makes the following recommendation regarding technologies for use in mirroring devices to screens in classrooms and meeting spaces at UCO.

Two products were identified as potential solutions for use in mirroring technology-related projects/requests.

Zoom in D2L

This article provides resources on using the Zoom integration tool within D2L courses.