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The D2L Course Navigation Bar is the main resource for navigating between tools in a D2L course. The navigation bar contains quick access to many of the most used features within a D2L course shell as well as several UCO-specific resources geared towards students actively working on their coursework. Most courses at UCO use the default navigation bar shown above but some individual courses or hubs may use a custom navigation bar depending on their needs. Learn more about the default course navigation bar and the various categories below.


1. Course Home

The course home button will take you back to the first page of your current course. To exit the course to go to the main, D2L homepage, click the UCO icon in the top left corner. 

2. Content

The Content tool will be the main location for instructors providing content to students. Here, students will typically locate their course syllabus, course schedule, assignments, presentations, external links, and more. Direct links to many course activities may be found here as well. 

3. Activities

The activities area is geared towards tools that instructors might use to have students complete class work, assignments or activities. This includes items like the Assignment folder tool, quizzes/exams, discussion boards, self-assessments, surveys, and the link to an individual's D2L eportfolio. 

4. Communication

The communication group provides links to the most common forms of communication within D2L including the chat, checklists, groups and course news.

Based on feedback from students, the D2L discussion board link is located in the Activities section. 

5. Grades

The grades link will take students to their individual grade report for that course. Instructors will have access to their gradebook which includes tabs for entering grades and managing grades for the course. 

6. UCO Resources

The UCO resources section contains the most pertinent links to students who are working on coursework in D2L. This includes links to the 24/7 D2L support phone and chat support, UCO tutoring services through the BELL, Disability Support Services, the UCO library, and help guides found on the UCO knowledge base.  The UCO Student Resources link will provide a list of the available resources for students ranging from student advocacy to counseling, Title IX, career development, LGBTQ+ support, and much more. 

7. Instructor Tools

The instructor tools category provides links most used by, or only available to, course instructors. 

*Instructors: if there is a tool you are looking for or need but cannot find in the current navigation bar, click on Edit Course to find a full list of all tools available to instructors including course access dates, intelligent agents, calendars, and more.

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