Quiz Question Creation in Learn@UCO


This guide provides basic instructions for creating a quiz question using the Quiz Creation Experience in Learn@UCO. It is assumed that individuals using this guide will have prior experience creating a quiz within the Learn@UCO system.


  1. Log in to Learn@UCO at http://learn.uco.edu.
  2. Navigate to your Course and click Quizzes from the Assessments dropdown menu.
  3. Click New Quiz to create a new quiz or exam.
  4. Type the quiz name in the Name textbox.
  5. Click Add/Edit Questions.
  6. Click New and select your question type from the dropdown list. In this guide, we will choose Multiple Choice Question (MC).
  7. From this page, you can create your quiz question with the new format.
    1. Question Type: Select question type (multiple choice, matching, true/false….). If another question type is selected after you have entered in the quiz text and answer, that information converts to the new question type. 
    2. Question Text: Type the quiz question.  As you type, the HTML editor option toolbar will appear near the text box. 
    3. Answers: Type the question answer options.  Click Add Answer to add additional answers or click on the X to delete an answer option. 
    4. Click the checkbox next to the correct option to indicate the correct answer
    5. Select the Drag-and-drop icons to reorder the answer options.
    6. Check the box to “Randomize answers for each student” to have the system randomly reorder response options for each individual
    7. Points: Type in the number of points the question is worth.
    8. Preview area: the area to the right of the question options shows a preview of the question as it will appear to students.
    9. .
  8. Click Options to see a list of additional options available for the question type.
  9. Click Save or select the dropdown menu for additional options:
    1. Save: save the current question and return to the main Add/Edit question menu
    2. Save and New: save the current question and create a new question of the same question type OR
    3. Save and Copy: save the current question and create a new question that is a copy of the current question that can then be edited.



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