Technology and Network Usage Policy


The University of Central Oklahoma has the responsibility for securing its computing and networking systems (both academic and administrative) against unauthorized access, while making the systems accessible for legitimate academic and administrative uses. It is important for the user to practice ethical behavior in computing activities because the user has access to many valuable and sensitive resources and the user's computing practices can adversely affect the work of other people. Improper use and abuse of the computers and networks will not be permitted. Disciplinary action for violating the policy shall be governed by, but may not be limited to, the applicable provisions of student handbooks, faculty and staff handbook, policies of the University of Central Oklahoma, Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Statutes of the State of Oklahoma and federal law. Persons who violate this policy may also have their access privileges to UCO computing and networking systems revoked.


The complete guidelines for the university's Technology and Network Usage Policy is avalible for your review. 

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