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The Office of Information Technology offers a P Drive to each faculty and staff member at UCO. With a P Drive, all faculty and staff have a consistent location to store files that will be automatically connected to their wired UCO-owned campus computer. The P drive is a folder on a file share that is used for secure file storge. The P drive is:

  • Private: each individual will have their own folder that is only accessible to that user.*
  • Professional: It will allow users to securely store important work-related documents to which only they need access.

What can be stored on the "P" Drive?

  • The P drive is to be used for UCO-related business in which only the user needs access. 
  • The size of the P drive is limited to 10GB.
  • Please refer to the UCO Data Classification Guide for more information regard what types of files should be stored on the P drive. 


The P drive folder will be automatically provided on any UCO-owned campus computer connected to the UCO internal network by a network cable. 

  • For Windows computers it will appear as drive letter "P".
    • If you are needing to remap your P drive on a Windows computer, the folder name for the P drive is \\ucofs\P\<Insert your UCO Username here> (Do not include the <,> symbols).
  • On Apple computers it will appear as a folder on the dock labeled the current user's username. 
  • From home, you can access your P drive with a VPN connection to the UCO network. This network connection can be established by following the VPN Guide


Who has access to my "P" Drive?

Access is limited to the individual to who the drive is assigned. However...

“…in cases of system failure and subsequent repair or where there is reason to believe there has been unauthorized use or misuse of computer resources, Office of Information Technology computing personnel, UCO Department of Public Safety personnel and administrative personnel of the university shall have the authority and right to monitor, review and audit individual user files, including email.  Individual user files may also be reviewed, audited or searched when subject to court order, subpoena or other process of law.”

Please refer to the UCO Technology and Network Usage Policy for further details. 

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