Employee Security Access Form


Access to UCO IT systems and software must be requested via the Employee Security Access Form.  All forms must be delivered to the UCO Service Desk for processing. 


  • Determine exactly what access is needed
  • Navigate to Employee Security Access Form webpage to download/save form
    • Fill out all employee fields in top portion of the form (Name, ID, title, etc.)
    • Log information in the FUNCTIONAL ACCESS FOR JOB RESPONSIBILTIES section
      • Complete all fields pertaining to your access request (other fields may be left blank)
    • Update form with required signature(s) - (Supervisor, Org Manager, Next Level Supervisor)
      • Access to Pyramid software requires a signature from Cindy Boling
  • Send completed forms to campus box 210, deliver forms to the UCO Service Desk on the first floor of the Max Chambers Library, or email forms to support@uco.edu.
  • Check your email for ticket notification and details of your request 


  • Requests for access to other Information Technology services should be made through the UCO Service Desk, via phone at (405) 974-2255 or through email at support@uco.edu.


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