Employee Security Access Form


In order to provide an efficient employee security access request process, there are two separate Employee Security Access forms to choose from depending on the access being requested.

All Banner access requests will use a shortened PDF form that will require submission with an Employee Security Access request. For all other UCO enterprise system access requests, i.e. email, file shares you will need to fill out our new electronic form by creating a ticket service request. Please follow the instructions below: 


  • Determine exactly what access is required.
  • If you require Banner Access, please download the Banner Employee Security Access Form and enter:
    • Employee Information
    • Reason for request
    • Effective Date
    • Select what Banner access is being requested under “Banner Details”
    • Make sure to gather the signatures required to authorize access
    • Fill out and submit the form at the Employee Security Access Form service page: select “Request Assistance”, fill out the form, and attach the completed PDF.
  • If you require UCO enterprise systems and application access request, i.e. email, file shares, please do the following:
    • Fill out the electronic Employee Security Access Form found on the service page, and select “Request Assistance”.
    • Select the kind of employee that is requiring access (New, Current, Student, or Contractor)
    • Fill out all required fields
    • Select what access will be required and attach any documentation if needed.


  • Requests for access to other Information Technology services should be made through the UCO Service Desk, via phone at (405) 974-2255. 


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