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Your UCO username is the gateway to most UCO services, such as UCONNECT, D2L, Email, etc. The format is typically your first initial then your last name and may be followed by a number.
Access to UCO IT systems and software must be requested via the Employee Security Access Form
This article provides information for UCO faculty, staff, and students on managing their UCONNECT homepage including adding, rearranging, and removing cards. These customization options give users the ability to keep the most relevant information at the top of their page and remove things that are not of interest.
Provides details about UCO's policy and recommendations for password security.
This article provides students with the steps necessary to use the most commonly used resources in UCONNECT including; View Your Schedule, Printing Your Schedule, Accessing & Managing Registration, and Accessing Financial Aid Information.
UCONNECT is the university portal for students, faculty and staff. Access to UCONNECT requires a UCO username and password.