Duo Frequently Asked Questions


Duo's two-factor authentication (2FA) program integrates an added layer of security of your UCO accounts by requiring an additional level of authentication beyond your username and password. The Duo Mobile app is a free smartphone and tablet application that syncs with your UCO 2FA account to complete the authentication process. The program provides you with a secondary means of confirming your identity via mobile device, tablet, or an authentication token, which you will use every time that you sign into any of the services accessed through UCO's single sign-on (SSO).


Can I opt out of Duo?

Duo is required by UCO for two-factor authentication on selected services. In efforts to bolster cybersecurity at UCO, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) implements Cisco Duo multi-factor authentication across campus, which reduces UCO risk of compromised passwords and accounts.

Supported Duo key fobs are available for personal purchase at the Central Tech Store for $30, with payroll-deduction payment options available. Click here to purchase a Duo Fob. Fobs can either be purchased for personal use or purchased by your department institutionally. 

Does Duo protect my email? 

Yes, Duo's two-factor authentication feature will help prevent unauthorized access to your account should your UCO username and password become compromised.  

How do I get Duo? 

Duo can be installed as a mobile application for your iOS or Android Device. If you do not wish to use your personal device, you may choose to purchase a hardware token from the Central Tech Store for $30. This can be bought as a personal or institutional purchase from your department. 

What software version does Duo support for my phone? 

Software changes overtime and frequently, but Duo maintains two sets of articles for what they currently support for iOS and Android devices. 

Will Duo ask for my password? 

No. Duo will never ask for your user ID and password. If you receive such a request, do not respond. 

What if I get an unexpected login alert?

This is an indication your credentials have been compromised and attackers are attempting to login to your Duo-protected account. 

If you receive a Duo authentication prompt on your device without logging into a corresponding service that requires Duo, decline the Duo prompt (marking it as fraud) and immediately change your UCO password.  

Can I use multiple devices with Duo? 

Yes. It is actually recommended you register another device with Duo in case of emergency or inconvenient situations, like a lost or stolen phone, or simply purchasing a new device. You can add a second phone by using Duo's Self Service Portal

Can I remove existing devices? 

Yes. Please follow this link for steps to remove an existing device or designate a default device: Set Default Devices or Remove Existing Devices

How many tries will I get when trying to setup a new or second device? 

You will have five (5) chances to enter the correct passcode before your authentication will be deactivated and locked out of the system. Should this happen, please submit a ticket to have your account unlocked. 

I am locked out of Duo. What do I do?

Your account will lock when there are too many failed attempts to authenticate. The lockout should clear automatically in 15 minutes. If the lockout continues after the wait, please submit a ticket for assistance. 

What do I do if I get a new phone or it has been erased?

If you get a new phone but kept the same phone number you will need to re-activate Duo Mobile. This can be done through our Duo Self-service Portal at Reactivate Duo Mobile on an Existing Phone Number.  

If you have a second device already registered, you can use that device to complete the authentication process. 

If you do not have access to your old device and/or old phone number or do not have a second enrolled device, please submit a ticket for assistance. 

What do I do if I delete the Duo Mobile app?

Download and re-install the Duo app from your device’s App Store.  

Using Duo’s Self-service portal, you can reactivate the Duo app on your phone with just a few steps.  

If you have access to the enrolled device or second enrolled device, use the “Enroll an Additional Phone or Table for Authentication” to reactivate your device. 

If you do not have access to your old device and or do not have a second enrolled device, please submit a ticket for assistance. 

What do I do if I lose my authentication device?

If you have a second devise registered with Duo, use it to remove the lost or stolen devise as soon as possible using the Duo self-service portal and accessing the settings tab in the Duo app. If you only had one device enrolled in Duo Mobile and it is lost or stolen then you will need to submit a ticket as soon as possible. 

My UCO email stopped working on my iPhone how do I fix it?

If a user had previously manually configured their email account or has just upgraded to iOS 11.x, they will need to delete and re-add the mail profile (choose the "Exchange" e-mail provider) to allow the mail client to prompt for Duo two-factor authentication using Modern Auth. For a step by step how to please refer to the Reconnecting your UCO Email Account for iOS integrated Mail App.






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