Duo - Reconnect Apple Mail app after 2FA enrollment


If a user had previously manually configured their email account or has just upgraded to iOS 11.x, they will need to delete and re-add the mail profile (choose the "Exchange" e-mail provider) to allow the mail client to prompt for Duo two-factor authentication using Modern Authentication.


  1. On your iPhone navigate to the Settings App.

  1. Scroll down to the Mail App📧. 

  1. Select Accounts.

  1. Select Exchange Account.

  1. Select Delete Account in red at the bottom.

  1. Select Add Account.

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Type in your uco.edu email address and press Next.

  1. When the prompt "Sign in to your "uco.edu" Exhange account using Mircosoft?" pops up select Sign In.

  1. A federation.uco.edu webpage will launch.  Type in your uco.edu credentials and select Sign in.

  1. A Duo prompt page will appear, select the form of authenication that you desire.

  1. Approve the authenication push.  If Send Me a Push was selected look for the notification to pop up.

  1. Select Approve in the Duo App.

  1. Back in the Mail settings you will see the setting of the Exchange app. Select Save.

  1. In the Mail App you will see your Exchange account re-added and reconnected to your uco.edu email.  

  1. Congratulations, you have now successfully reconnected your Mircosoft Exchange account back to your integrated iOS mailbox.




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Fri 7/9/21 3:30 PM
Wed 10/13/21 5:27 PM