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Because of its intense popularity, the university has been compelled to venture into new territories in order to more effectively communicate with students. Online communities have helped people connect in many positive ways. Through these online communities, students have met other students with similar interests, formed groups to explore and celebrate specific interests, and transformed the ways that they communicate with each other. The university realizes the impact these communities may have on its students. There are multiple social media sites and as the market continues to change, the intent of this policy is to protect the university and its stakeholders equally.


  1. The requirements of this guideline do not apply to the use of personal profiles unless used in the capacity of official university business. However, if you are utilizing university technology services to manage your personal profile the guideline is applicable.
  2. When communicating with the general public or students on behalf of the university, the guideline is applicable.
  3. When communicating with the general public or students for official university business, the official university communication means must be utilized first; social media is only an additional avenue for communications.
    a. Official university communication means: UCONNECT, D2L, website and email, Central Alert, Centralities, etc.

University Protection

Social media platforms are useful and effective tools in communicating with UCO's key constituencies. Thus, these sites have been identified as extensions of UCO's marketing and technology efforts. When a group, page, event, profile and the like are created in affiliation with the university, it becomes a direct representation of UCO to those engaged with the social media, and can be perceived with as much credibility as a news article or official university communication. In the best interest of the university, this communication must be monitored in conjunction with an administrative awareness of all forms of outreach on such sites. As a public institution, UCO is held to the highest ethical standards and is accountable for the way it is represented to internal and external audiences. University employees are seen as role models in the UCO community. As leaders, employees directly representing the university have the responsibility to portray the university and themselves in a positive manner that is consistent with the university brand at all times.

Recognizing both the effectiveness of social media and the need for a form of official management to protect the interests of the university, the Office of Information Technology and the Office of University Relations have partnered to assist in management of the University of Central Oklahoma social media and networking accounts.

Legal Protection

Additionally, the university also requires that authorized pages include appropriate language for UCO’s legal and policy information, which includes the following statement:

"The University of Central Oklahoma does not own rights to <Insert Social Media Site Name> and therefore cannot enforce legal policies and procedures. While members of the University of Central Oklahoma community post to this public third-party site, the University is not responsible for the views, opinions and postings by others found on this site. The legal policies and procedures, including ADA compliance standards and support for disability services by which UCO operates are posted at The University of Central Oklahoma complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. Persons who, because of a special need or condition, would like to request an accommodation should contact the Disability Support Services Assistant Director at (405) 974-2516 as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours before the event, so that appropriate arrangements can be made. The DSS Office is located in the Nigh University Center, Room 309."


Any page or account that has been inactive for more than 90 days will be subject to removal from the social media directory, as well as the possibility of being unpublished or deleted.


Use of social media implies your consent to the University Branding Standards also known as the Graphic Standards Guide and compliance with the Social Media Brand Standards.

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