Online Proctoring Tools at UCO

Online Proctoring at UCO

The Office of Information Technology and the Center for eLearning & Connected Environments have worked together to provide additional exam proctoring options to instructors for the 2020-2021 academic year. OIT and CeCE are now supporting three different exam proctoring tools with a variety of features to allow you, as instructors, the flexibility to select the solution that is most appropriate for your class, content, and teaching style. Registration for training sessions is available for each tool below.

Proctoring is the process of monitoring students during an exam to ensure that the student does not violate the terms of the exam. Instructors are encouraged to use Respondus Monitor, a no-cost automated proctoring solution, when possible. If, however, you have students using Chromebooks or are taking advantage of third-party tools such as textbook integrations that are necessary for the exam, you may consider using Examity, also automated proctoring. For high-impact exams requiring a live proctor, ProctorU is available through a student pay model. Below you will find a comparison chart for each tool to assist you in making a selection.

Proctoring Tool Comparison Chart

Below is a broad overview of the supported UCO platforms and links to obtain training on each.


Respondus Monitor




Respondus Training Examity Training ProctorU Training


No cost to students

No cost to students
(limited availability)*

Student Pay Model
(ranges from $16-22 per exam)

Proctoring Type

Automated Proctoring

Automated Proctoring

Live Proctoring
(an actual person will visually monitor student participation remotely)

D2L Integration

(through D2L Quiz tool)

(through External Learning Tool in Content)



Follows the exam availability in D2L

Follows the exam availability in D2L but encourages scheduling.

Follows the exam schedule in D2L but requires scheduling.

Exam Impact

Low impact

Low impact or high impact exams that do not require live proctoring.

High impact exams that require live proctoring.


Proctoring is automated and, as such, instructors must review flagged content following the completion of the exam. 

Third-party tools, such as Textbook Integrations or Exams, cannot be used. 

Does not work with Google Chromebooks.
(no workaround available)

Proctoring is automated and, as such, instructors must review flagged content following the completion of the exam.

High cost to students which is compounded as additional exams are required.

Best Suited For:

Extended classroom or alternative delivery courses

Extended classroom or alternative delivery courses

Courses that require the use of a third-party tool for testing

100% online courses

*Limited funding is available to offset the cost of this service for the university. Additional communications will be provided to the Deans/Chairs/Instructors are funding is depleted.  



For additional information on UCO online proctoring solutions, visit the Service Desk's Knowledge Base or book a 1:1 appointment with the TRC and CeCE.


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