H5P Resources and Getting Started


H5P allows you to easily and quickly create rich interactive content within your D2L courses. With H5P, content can be created directly within D2L. You will get your own H5P content repository along with automatic grading. H5P.com also provides analytics within your course so that instructors can see what the learners answered to the different questions within the H5P Content. This guide provides information on:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating New Content
  3. Transferring Content Between Accounts

Getting Started

Using the Insert Stuff icon found in the D2L Brightspace Editor, you can add H5P content anywhere in your D2L course. To gain access to your H5P account and resources, follow these steps. 

  1. Log in to your D2L course and visit Content.
  2. Select or create a new module and click New > New File
  3. Click Insert Stuff
  4. Scroll down and select H5P, this will open your H5P account with Joubel. 
  5. If you have content already created, select the item, and click Next or you click Create New to start a new project.  

Creating H5P Content

H5P allows for the creation of a variety of interactive content types including branching scenarios, interactive videos, 360-degree images, timeline tool, games, quizzes, and more. 

The Author Guide contains:

  • Tutorials for all content types
  • Examples of interactive content and free resources for download, editing, and/or reuse. 
  • Information on sharing content, including how to add H5P content in D2L (aka Brightspace)

And links to various how-to questions most asked by H5P users. 

Transferring Content 

For individuals who have already created content in a separate H5P account, you can quickly and easily transfer your materials to your UCO account by downloading and then importing your content. 

Downloading H5P Content

  1. Log in to your non-UCO account and go to the content you would like to download
  2. Click the Reuse button in the bottom left corner of H5P.
  3. A popup will open. Click "Download as an .h5p file"
  4. A file should be downloaded to your computer
  • You are able to download H5P content from any site where the "Reuse" button is available and upload it to any site supporting H5P.
  • Enable "Reuse" button under "Display options"


Importing H5P Content

The full Reusing Existing Content guide is available on H5P's documentation website. 

  1. Access your UCO account through D2L or by visiting universityofcentraloklahoma.h5p.com
  2. Click the Add Content button above the content list.
  3. In the H5P Hub, switch the tab from "Create content" to "Upload".
  4. Click on the file chooser and select the file that you just downloaded.
  5. Click Use. This will load the .h5p file into the H5P authoring tool.
  6. Click SaveYour content is now uploaded and ready to be viewed!


Need help or have questions? Reach out to the UCO Service Desk to connect with trainers and technical support. 


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