Adobe - Sign In Required


Completion of these steps will allow UCO students, faculty, or staff to continue using any given Adobe Creative Cloud product on UCO-owned computers.


  1. If prompted with an Adobe "Sign in Required" window, click “Sign In Now”.

  2. Click “Sign in with an Enterprise ID. ***NOTE*** If you have signed in to an Adobe product on this computer with a previously created Adobe ID, you will see a different screen that starts with “Choose an account for”. If that is the case, skip to Step 4.

  3. The next prompt should say “Enterprise ID” at the top. Fill in your UCO email address. Pressing the Tab key, clicking in the password field, or clicking the blue “Sign in with an Enterprise ID” button will all take you to the next step.

  4. Click “Enterprise ID”.

  5. Enter your UCO username and password.

  6. Click Continue. You are ready to continue using Adobe Creative Cloud software.




6/5/2019 - Added "students" to the description as this process applies to student-use computers with Adobe Creative Cloud products installed.

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