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Pinned Article Adobe - Sign In Required

In Fall 2017, Adobe changed their method for licensing Adobe Creative Cloud products. This article instructs users of these products on how to sign in with their Adobe Enterprise ID.

Pinned Article Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs

Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of Adobe products at UCO.

Pinned Article Microsoft Internet Explorer Retirement

On June 15, 2022, the Microsoft Edge browser will replace Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows computers. This article explains that and provides links to resources and a method to report IE-dependent sites that don't function in Edge

Add a Digital Signature Field to an Adobe PDF

This article provides instructions for adding a digital signature field to a PDF that will allow yourself or others to sign a document electronically.

Download & Install Software from the Software Center

UCO employees using a windows-based computer can easily download and install a variety of available software using the windows software center. This guide will walk users through the process for finding and installing programs in this manner.

Excel 2016 Quick Reference Guide

Excel Guide covering formulas, navigation, editing, styles, formatting and tables.

How to Find Your Computer Name

Users might need to know the name of their computer for various reasons such as troubleshooting or remote access. This article shows the steps to find the computer name.

macOS issues connecting to UCOFS

This article describes a bug in macOS 10.15.xx Catalina and later where end users are not able to connect to \\ucofs\central. It provides the details of the bug, which users are affected, and under what circumstances. Then it provides simple instructions to resolve the bug. This article is not intended to be Public, but to be a resource for the service desk and technicians that encounter the bug in the field.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is installed on UCO-owned machines by default.

Microsoft Home Use Program for Faculty/Staff

How to Purchase in the Microsoft Office Home Use Program for Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Teams

This article provides an overview of Microsoft Teams. This will cover accessing Microsoft Teams through the web, via the desktop software and through the mobile app and includes a quick start guide.

Office 365 for Faculty, Staff and Students

Overview of Office365 access and training for faculty, staff and students.

Outlook 2019 Quick Reference Guide

Guide covering calendars, contacts, fundamentals, task lists and navigation pane.

PowerPoint 2016 Quick Reference Guide

Guide covering PowerPoint 2013 shortcuts, formatting, fundamentals, transitions and slide show delivery.

Students: Get Microsoft Office 365 - Free

Microsoft Office 365 is available for UCO students at no cost

UCO Cloud File Storage - OneDrive

OneDrive is the official cloud file storage platform for UCO.

Why Does My Computer Need To Be Restarted?

UCO workstation computers are occasionally restarted during maintenance periods. These restarts, sometimes called reboots, help keep your computer up-to-date and protected from malware. The monthly maintenance schedule is available online for your review.

Word 2016 Quick Reference Guide

Word Guide covering fundamentals, navigation, styles, editing, formatting and tables.