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Microsoft is Retiring the Internet Explorer Browser in favor of Microsoft Edge on 6/15/2022

Get ready for Microsoft Edge, a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer! On 6/15/2022, Microsoft will be retiring the Internet Explorer browser on all Windows devices. Whether Internet Explorer is your primary browser, or you only use it for specific tasks, you’ll no longer be able to access Internet Explorer on your device after June 15, 2022.  Opening sites in Internet Explorer will redirect you to the Edge browser.  You can use other 3rd party browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, however, we recommend Edge for a few reasons:

  • One browser, not two. Edge can open both Internet Explorer-dependent sites (legacy sites) and modern sites, so you don’t need to bounce between Internet Explorer and another browser.
  • Fast performance. Edge delivers a more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer with better speed, compatibility, security, and privacy.
  • Unique innovations. Better organize and view your tabs with vertical tabs and quickly access Microsoft apps and files just by opening a new tab.

How can I get started using Microsoft Edge?

  1. Open Microsoft Edge from your taskbar or start menu. 
  2. Import your data from Internet Explorer by copying and pasting the following into your address bar: edge://settings/importData
  3. You can watch the Microsoft Edge | Import Browser Data Tutorial video tutorial online.

Why is Internet Explorer going away?

Microsoft Edge offers a more modern web experience with the benefits of Internet Explorer built-in while removing the outdated, insecure technology that IE was based upon. 

Can I still access the sites I used to use Internet Explorer for?

Yes! Microsoft Edge lets you open older, work-critical sites right alongside newer, modern ones. Simply open the URL in the Edge browser instead of IE.   Edge even has a feature that emulates Internet Explorer for the few sites that still need Internet Explorer in order to function.  It is called Internet Explorer Mode (IE Mode).  Here are examples of symptoms of older sites that do not work in Edge and need to be opened in IE Mode to function properly.

More about IE Mode

The good news is that most sites that need IE mode to function will open in IE mode automatically after 6/15/2022. Microsoft has already compiled a list of sites that open in IE mode automatically.  To see the Microsoft list, type edge://compat/enterprise in the Address bar of the Edge browser.  OIT is also compiling a list of sites that UCO users visit that have Internet Explorer dependencies.  These sites will open in IE mode automatically after 6/15/2022.  However, the IE mode site list may not be complete by that time. Nevertheless, you can choose to open sites in IE mode yourself (see next section for instructions).

What if I want to open a site in IE mode myself?

If you use sites that you believe may still be dependent on Internet Explorer to function or find a site that doesn't work in Edge as expected, you can test it in IE mode in MS Edge following these instructions: Configure local site list for Internet Explorer (IE) mode.  Also, Technicians and other advanced users can see examples of how to use IE mode to view sites with specific IE dependencies such as ActiveX components or Java RTE requirements by reviewing the procedure attached to this article

What if I encounter a site that doesn’t load correctly in Edge?

If you run into a site in Edge that requires IE mode to function properly, appears broken even in IE mode, or have other questions about the retirement of Internet Explorer, please submit it via this form: Microsoft Edge Broken Site Submission.  

Where can I learn more about Edge?

There are great ways to learn about Edge online, like this Microsoft Edge for Information Workers Interactive Demo or this Microsoft Edge features for work website, or this Microsoft Edge Browser Features | Microsoft

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